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Postnatal Doula Support

Due to Covid-19 risks associated with transmission and limitations this service is now only available virtually; however, it is available to those across Australia for those who need it.  Ayurvedic meal services included in Doula packages are also still available (pending any further restrictions we may need to abide by) to those within the ACT region; however, this service and options associated with this have now been significantly limited to ensure that the Doula does not need to be in your home.

This support is provided in-person to those across Canberra ACT & nearby regions (Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra,etc) - some of the many benefits may include:

~ Practical Support with Household Cleaning, Support with other children or the baby, allowing you some unbroken rest, meal preparation (including Ayurvedic), & Childproofing

~ Education & Information on Baby Wearing, Nappy Options, Swaddling, Safe Sleeping, & more

~ Emotional Support  allowing you to feel supported & heard during the important shift into your new family dynamic

Packages contain differing amounts of sessions with your Doula & a variety of other offerings dependant on your needs - payment plans are available.  Note: We also offer prenatal only Doula meets or packages, and Combined Prenatal Postnatal only packages for those who are interested in a Doula but not interested in birth support. For those who live outside the ACT and are not located in nearby NSW regions but are wanting prenatal and/or postnatal only support virtual support packages can often be offered to you; however, it was be recognised that virtual only support is limited to emotional, educational, & informational. Practical support is not available for virtual only support.