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Postnatal Doula Support

This support is provided in-person to those across Canberra ACT & nearby regions (Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra,etc) - some of the many benefits may include:

~ Practical Support with Household Cleaning, Support with other children or the baby, allowing you some unbroken rest, meal preparation (including Ayurvedic), & Childproofing

~ Education & Information on Baby Wearing, Nappy Options, Swaddling, Safe Sleeping, & more

~ Emotional Support  allowing you to feel supported & heard during the important shift into your new family dynamic

Packages contain differing amounts of sessions with your Doula & a variety of other offerings dependant on your needs - payment plans are available.  Note: We also offer prenatal only Doula meets or packages, and Combined Prenatal Postnatal only packages for those who are interested in a Doula but not interested in birth support. For those who live outside the ACT and are not located in nearby NSW regions but are wanting prenatal and/or postnatal only support virtual support packages can often be offered to you; however, it was be recognised that virtual only support is limited to emotional, educational, & informational. Practical support is not available for virtual only support.