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Preconception Support

Due to Covid-19 risks associated with transmission and all limitations currently in place this service will now only be available virtually.

This support is provided in-person & virtually; it includes a range of holistic supports, information, education & therapies - among many benefits not listed this service helps you to:

~ Identify & work through concerns or trauma

~ Become familiar with all options early on

~ Identify your needs (emotional, nutritional, physical etc)

~ Create Plans to address your needs 

~ Feel Supported on your journey towards pregnancy 

~ Clear Energetic Blockages & Maintain Energetic Flow

~ Information on Holistic Methods that may complement any other supports you may be utilising on the journey

~ The ability to debrief your triumphs or struggles of your planning a baby journey even if  you can't tell anyone else.

Packages contain differing amounts of sessions with your Doulas & a variety of other offerings dependant on your needs - payment plans are available. Why not start your journey off with support, knowledge, & nurturing.