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Birth Doula Support Packages

Complete Canberra Doula Prenatal, Birth & Postnatal Support Packages

Due to Covid-19 risks associated with transmission and support person limitations now in-place within many hospitals in-person birth support has been changed to face-time (virtual) birth support. All prenatal and postnatal support meets will also be conducted virtually. At this time the Ayurveda meal inclusions have been changed and limited to allow for this to continue for families (pending any further government changes to any/all services) but at a reduced capacity which will not require your Doulas presence within your home; therefore, reducing transmission risks for all involved. 

This support package is currently only provided to those in Canberra ACT & NSW (up to 5hrs drive from ACT).

Birth Support Packages all include:

~ Informational Support

~ Practical Support

~ Non-medical Physical & Emotional Support

~ Birth Support

~ Prenatal & Postnatal Visits

Packages contain differing amounts of sessions with your Doulas & a variety of other offerings dependant on the package of choice - payment plans are available. We also provide a range of natural therapies to support your family & Ayurvedic meals delivered postpartum. - Note prenatal or postnatal only (no birth) can also be arranged.

Travelling Doula Care - NSW & QLD

Due to Covid-19 restrictions travelling Doula Service has been suspended indefinitely; however, please feel free to get in touch about virtual Doula support services that are available.

Lee will travel to areas of NSW and QLD to support hose during birth or postpartum. Generally Lee will stay in the area for a min of 2 weeks (starting from the on-call period) if birth support is desired or 1-2 weeks after birth of baby if postpartum support is required. This support will involve multiple visits during the 1-2+ weeks and if birth support is booked then birth support will be provided also.

Lee supports births regardless of where , how, or who you choose to birth with - payment plans are available. We also provide a range of natural therapies to support your family & Ayurvedic meals postpartum. For those outside of these regions or where availability is limited virtual only support packages are available as an option.


Our Canberra Doula is available to support you regardless of the journey you are on. Supporting you whether you plan to birth at home (homebirth), in a birth centre, in a hospital (including a cesarean), or even out in the bush - it's YOUR BIRTH and we will hold the space for you. Nurturing & respecting you as the divine, powerful being that you are during your entire journey. ~ Blessings