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Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting Classes (Antenatal Classes)

Empower yourself to have a calm positive birth with Quality Antenatal and Childbirth Education Classes

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The journey from pregnancy to parenthood is a  powerful one and the birth is a rite of passage regardless of whether you are planning a homebirth or hospital birth; it is not simply a day in your life, it is something that will remain with you forever - it can impact your family unit and affect your bond with your baby. These childbirth education classes (antenatal classes) are offered in a Canberra venue and  Virtually for those who can't or prefer not to attend the venue. It provides information and skills you can use to re-connect with your heart, trust your intuition, your baby and your body. It will help you to connect your head (and all knowledge you will obtain) with your heart (your desires) to formulate pathways that suit your individual uniqueness and needs; to realize you already hold the power and don't need to be empowered.

If you are seeking a course where everyone is taught the same content and in the exact same way this may not be the course for you. If however, you are seeking a course that is purposely tailored to meet YOUR individual needs with a focus on your individual interests and goals then this IS the right course for you.  At Birthing Individuals, we pride ourselves on nurturing uniqueness and individuality. With our classes, there is no one-size-fits-all and there is no 'mold' you are expected to fit. We do not believe in set learning styles, activities or methods for all to follow. In fact, each class is tailored specifically to meet the needs and interests of those enrolled to ensure that your uniqueness is nurtured. Much of class is discussion-based learning with all activities designed to suit the students enrolled in each class.​

These classes are provided in a Canberra venue and virtually to suit a range of needs and for ease of access from anywhere. The only pre-requisite is for our virtual course which includes having access to a computer or smartphone with a camera for virtual communications and you need to understand the English language for communication. There is no need for this with our in-venue classes just bring yourselves and be ready to build your support village with wonderful class mates.


Group or Private Virtual Pregnancy to Parenting

Tailored to suit the needs of students enrolled

Our virtual classes are purposely designed for those who want to participate in group or private childbirth education classes without the need to attend a venue. The difference between our group virtual classes and private virtual classes is the extent to which we can tailor classes. If you don't mind that the activities are tailored to meet the needs of 'everyone' enrolled rather than just you and want to start creating a village with others the virtual group class may be the best fit for you. However, if you are after completely tailored to suit your needs rather than tailoring to suit everyone enrolled and prefer 1-on-1 learning the private virtual classes may be better.  A simple, quick questionnaire is sent to all attendees to help us tailor each class to suit the needs and interests of all students enrolled. 

Virtual classes are run over 3-6 classes, with the total course being 6-12 hours long depending on the needs of those enrolled.

~ Attendees will be emailed a list of basic supplies (coloured pencils, paper, cups, magazines lying around etc) prior to classes to have ready for use during the class. Supplies will vary depending on the activities designed for each class and are often things many have simply lying around the home or are easy to locate cheaply in stores.

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Canberra Antenatal Class with a Difference!

Tailored to suit YOUR needs.

Our in-venue Canberra Antenatal Class (Childbirth Class) cover topics relevant to YOU (no one-size-fits-all), our classes are tailored to meet the needs and interests of students enrolled in that class. We ask what you want and design each class accordingly. No more sitting listening to things that are of little use to YOU.


We acknowledge that you already hold immense power within yourself and do not aim to EMPOWER you; instead, we aim to help you find that power you already hold within yourself.


How will you learn??


This depends on the individual needs and interests of students enrolled in the class; however, the activities are always aimed at being discussion-based, immersive, informative and of course FUN.


Some activities that may be included depending on your interests include:


~ Art & Craft Activities *no skills or talents necessary

~ Role Play

~ Breathing Exercises

~ Relaxation Techniques

~ Meditation Exercises


If you are not a fan of sitting, watching and listening to someone talk at the front of a room this is the course for you. Instead, you can expect to be sitting together (students and educators) at the same level engaging with each other as equals or moving around the room engaging in a group activity together.

We also aim to build up connections between not just each other within the class, but also to solidify connections between yourself and your support person (partner, doula, friend, or family member). This helps you to confidently walk the path of your own individual journeys together as one and discover who your villagers are.

This course is a single 6 hour class (with tailoring more is often un-necessary) so it's great for those who don't like going back and forth

Each attendee is able to maintain contact with each other via a private facebook group (moderated by your educator/s) so you can make lasting connections with each other and we arrange free catch up mothers group activities. Low to No Cost Workshops will also be offered via the group. You will also have access to your educator/s via phone (weekdays 10am-2pm until 6 weeks after birth) and email


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23rd November 10am-5pm. Insync Yoga Centre, Griffith ACT