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Nurturing Circles & Holistic Therapy 

Reclaim your birthing power, create your village of pregnancy & parenting supports, feel connected, feel loved.



Canberra Antenatal Class with a Difference!

A Circle of Connection and Learning Tailored to suit YOUR needs.

Due to Covid-19 risks associated with transmission and government restrictions this service has now been ceased. HOWEVER, we are now offering these services virtually at a significantly discounted rate. For Drop-in Virtual Nurture Groups it is $5 per session and if you are wanting to build friendships/maintain connections the Regular Virtual Nurture Groups are $30 for 10 virtual group sessions. We will also be offering a FREE monthly chat session to help as many families as possible as we move through these challenging times. Get in Touch 

We offer two nurturing circle gatherings weekly. The first is our Nurturing Circle Pregnancy which is for those divine expectant parents wanting to build connections with other soon to be parents while also obtaining childbirth education in a fun and relaxed manner. The second is our Nurturing Circle Baby  which is for those who have birthed, fostered or adopted a baby within the past 12 months. Babies under 12 months old are welcome to attend. These circles cost $300 for 10 weeks (1 session per week) - circles are capped at 6 people (or up to 3 couples). From time to time depending on interest levels we also offer a VBAC Nurturing Circle specifically for those working towards a vaginal birth after caesarean; however, we do and can cover some VBAC topics in our standard Nurturing Circle Pregnancy for those who want this.


We acknowledge that you already hold immense power within yourself and do not aim to EMPOWER you; instead, we aim to help you find that power you already hold within yourself and form a village community of supports for your journey.

Some topics that may be included depending on your needs:

~ Care Options for Pregnancy & Birth

~ Physiology & Psychology of Pregnancy

~ Stages of Birth & What is the Best Pain Relief?

~  Common Interventions

~ Absolute & Non Absolute Reasons for a Caesarean

~ If you are planning a vbac what you need to know.

~ What is Trauma? Risk factors, triggers, & things we can do

~ Healthy Living - the role of  nutrition & other external players

~ The first 3 Months after Birth for the parents

~ Baby's first 3 months

~ Caring for Baby

~ Caring for yourself

~ Caring for each other


Some activities that may be included depending on your interests:


~ Art & Craft Activities *no skills or talents necessary

~ Breathing Exercises

~ Relaxation Techniques

~ Meditation Exercises

~ Other Holistic Options and Techniques

~ Team Village Building Exercises

~ Writing 

~ Talking & Listening


If you are not a fan of sitting, watching and listening to someone talk at the front of a room this is the place for you. Instead, we all sit together at the same level engaging with each other as equals. 

We also aim to build up connections between not just each other within the class, but also to solidify connections between yourself and your support person (partner, doula, friend, or family member). This helps you to confidently walk the path of your own individual journeys together as one and discover who your villagers are. 

This will allow bonding together in a safe space where everyone has an opportunity to talk and learn in our nurturing circle.  - A welcome gift bag will be given to you on the first day and light snack food along with drinks will be provided at each circle gathering. We ask that those booking please commit to attending each weekly gathering (with the exception of the understandable occasional illness or emergency) to ensure everyone in the circle can form bonds with each other and feel secure, heard, and nurtured. To ensure the privacy of those attending no 'try free' first are offered. Circles are run on Wednesdays during school terms and hours.

Note: These can be run in areas of NSW & QLD - please get in touch to discuss costs, minimum numbers and requirements if you live in NSW or QLD and these groups interest you. Group or Private virtual pregnacy to parenting sessions are also available regardless of location for those who cannot attend any in-person circles. Prices for virtual sessions start from $150 for 6 sessions.


  • All groups now virtual only (connect while in your own home)

  • Virtual Drop-in Groups Available $5 per session

  • Regular Attendance Virtual Groups Available $30 for 10 sessions

  • FREE Monthly Virtual Group Chat Sessions

Get in touch today through the Book Now Button to find out how to secure your spot and feel supported on your journey. 


Energy Therapy - You are in Loving Hands

Completely individualised to support your unique energy flow and aura

 Energetic healing is a method of healing that manipulates the subtle energy systems of the body to facilitate flow and remove blockages so that the body can work more effectively in supporting its own healing process. Imbalances of energy within the body may create obstruction in the flow of energy, this then can impact of on the overall health and wellbeing of a person. Energy Healing helps the energy flow within the body to ensure it moves unobstructed.

Energy is the underlying infrastructure of the body and it is an intelligent system which helps regulate health and healing. It is believed that the quality of the energy systems health is often mirrored in the health of a persons mind, body and/or spirit and the ailments pinpoint to energy systems that need correcting in order for the energy system to function effectively promoting good health.


Some of the methods which may be used during your healing session include but are not limited to: sound healing, essential oils, crystal healing, pranic healing, reiki, theraputic touch and more.

Sessions $120 - 1 hour




  • Energy Healing Virtual Sessions Only (via zoom & phone)

  • Price Reduced to $20 during this time.

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Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

Intuitive Readings

Soulful, and Connected Journey through tarot readings

Tarot is a wonderful tool that helps connect us to the Spirit Guides and Angels. Intuitive Car readings serve as a map to help guide us towards our destination and often they will simply connect us with what we may already know to be true intuitively.  Although, it is important to ensure that messages are coming from the highest good which is why a blessing to the divine is carried out before any reading. Intuitive Readings will not provide you with answers to who your true love is or what lottery numbers to pick for the next lotto draw; however, it provide insight into your current circumstances and into the pathways you might be able to take to reach your destination. Wherever that destination may be for you. 

Price  includes a distance or in-person tarot readin where we will chat in brief about the meanings of the cards drawn. After the session you will be sent a  picture of your cards and a detailed  written description of your tarot reading sent either by email or through facebook messenger (your  preference). A complementary follow up distance chat can be arranged to discuss the detailed written description of your tarot reading if required.

Price: $90 for a complete 1hr reading

**DISCOUNTED to $30 in-person Or $20 distance reading**


  • Readings now Virtual Only (connect while in your own home)

  • Price Reduced to $10 per session

  • FREE Monthly Virtual Group Chat & 1 card Tarot Pull Sessions

Get in touch today through the Book Now Button to find out how to secure your spot and feel supported on your journey. 

Note: We are also running a special with 1 card short readings

TAROT SPECIAL - 1 Card a week for a month just $10 *distance only*