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Canberra Antenatal Childbirth Classes


23rd November 10am-5pm. Insync Yoga Centre, Griffith ACT


This 6-hour Canberra childbirth education class (antenatal class) will cover topics relevant to YOU (yes no set one-size-fits-all, our classes are tailored to meet the needs and interests of students within the class - we ask you what you want and design the class accordingly.


We acknowledge that you already hold immense power within yourself and do not aim to EMPOWER you; instead, we aim to help you find that power you already hold within yourself.


How will you learn??


This depends on the individual needs and interests of students enrolled in the class; however, the activities are always aimed at being discussion-based, immersive, informative and of course FUN.


Some activities that may be included depending on your interests include:


~ Art & Craft Activities

~ Role Play

~ Breathing Exercises

~ Relaxation Techniques

~ Meditation Exercises

~ Science Experiments


If you are not a fan of sitting, watching and listening to someone talk at the front of a room this is the course for you. You can expect us to all be sitting together at the same level engaging with each other or moving around the room engaging in a group activity together.

We also aim to build up connections between not just each other within the class to help create a village for you all, but also to solidify connections between yourself and your support person (partner, doula, friend, or family member). This helps you to confidently walk the path of your own individual journeys together as one.

Cost is $380 *Discounted from $580*

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