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About The Doulas

A little about the Canberra Doula & NSW, QLD Doula at Birthing Individuals.



Canberra Doula & Natural Therapist

Lee is a mother of 4 children aged 2 years, 8 years, 10 years, and 7 years. She spent 5+ years working as a Qualified Educator in the childcare field (including as a Room Leader) before commencing training to become a Doula in 2013 and receiving certification in 2017. This makes Lee highly skilled and qualified to provide not only Doula Support for parents but Sibling Support for children.


Between 2013 to present Lee has supported numerous families in ACT and NSW through the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. Her area of specialty is Birth Trauma having supported numerous families in working towards a positive birth experience after working through previous birth trauma with them. Now Lee also travels to areas of NSW & QLD to support families as needed.


Lee's experience working with families through previous birth trauma led her to pursue study as a Trauma-Informed Professional. This helps Lee provide further support for those who have experienced birth trauma and better support those fall into risk categories to help reduce the risk of a traumatic birth occurring in the first place.  

In addition to being a Canberra Doula supporting families living within the ACT & NSW, Lee has been studying to certify as a Childbirth Educator to teach Childbirth Education Classes (Antenatal Classes). Furthermore, Lee has been studying to become a Energy Healing Practitioner which encompasses Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Prana and a wide range of other healing modalities which she is able to use to support  clients.  Lee accepts Energy Healing, Intuitive Tarot Reading and Past Life Tarot Reading bookings for clients in a wide range of locations visiting these clients in-person when in the area and/or offering distance sessions.

Lee is also able to offer Ayurveda meals for families postpartum along with extended postpartum support services.


Our Founders & Visionaries


Steven has spent many years working in management roles before leaving these to become a fulltime carer for his oldest son who has a wide range of disabilities. Most recently Steven has worked in a commercial kitchen and behind the scenes at Birthing Individuals. He is a home education, birthrights advocate and hopes to develop his skills to be able to further support families on their journeys.


Anna worked in a commercial kitchen (including running cooking classes) for many years prior to commencing training as Doula. She has training in numerology, a wide range of complementary natural therapies and has supported families in different states of Australia in a variety of capacities. Anna also has 2 children aged 5-7 years; her youngest was a home water birth after caearean.


Prior to commencing training as a Doula in 2013 Lee spent several years working in the childcare field including as a room leader. Over the years she has supported many families in different states of Australia on their unique journeys. Lee also has 5 children aged 2-10 years (4 earthside) with varying birth- experiences her most recent being a vbac homebirth. 

Coming Soon!

Doula & Natural Therapist

Birthing Individuals has been growing and developing significantly since it was founded (see founding members below).  With development and growth comes increased workloads. One of our founders (Anna) has been managing her own business while also working at Birthing Individuals. However, this has been difficult to do with the current workload of two businesses. Therefore; we have lovingly parted ways so that Anna can put her full focuses and attention on her own Natural Therapy Practice on the Gold Coast. 

Anna will always remain family, a sister, a friend, a founder and a visionary of Birthing Individuals as we follow the wonderful new directions our life journeys take us. Kindred souls with similar wavelengths holding space for others on their journeys - continuing to recommend each other as loving support for another. We will continue to stay in touch and you never know what the future will hold.

Lee will continue to support clients on their journeys in-person for the ACT, NSW & QLD regions, virtually for all other regions of Australia


Exciting announcements regarding additional team members able to support clients as Birthing Individuals continues to grow coming soon