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Supporting Women and Families through Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and the Parenting Journey

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The Birthing Individuals Story

Why we are Birth Keepers, Wise Women and Healers - Canberra Doulas

After experiencing pregnancies, birth and/or postpartum experiences that left us scarred both emotionally and physically the founding members of Birthing Individuals became determined to experience something different with our next births, planning homebirths under the care of Private Midwives. Our babies were born in Canberra  2014 ( 2nd child for Anna - the then soon to be Neuro-linguistic Kinesiologist) and 2017 ( 5th child for Lee - a Doula). Both of our beautiful babies were born at home (homebirth) in the safest, gentlest, loving environments. It was these births that solidified for us that pregnancy, birth and postpartum needn't be stressful, controlled, or traumatizing where our dignity was left at the door and we did what we were told to do. Instead, it could be AMAZING, POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, RESPECTFUL, LOVING, & EMPOWERING! 

The founding members of Birthing Individuals created this service with the vision of family units being able to feel that incredible empowerment and wonder that is a beautiful, loving and respectful birth that we were blessed to experience and every family is entitled to experience. So that they can walk their unique paths fully supported regardless of choice. Therefore; Birthing Individuals provide support for families through the pregnancy, birth, and/or postpartum journey allowing families to access continuous love and support from "someone who 'cares a whole awful lot".

Those working alongside Birthing Individuals are training or qualified in a range of therapies and supports. Nurturing Body, Baby, and Soul.  Among the many supports offered are Herbal and Aromatherapy oil preparations, Energy Therapies, and Ayurvedic Postnatal Doula meal delivery service for families. Although this is a glimpse of what we are able to provide in terms of supports, therapies, and options for families we support.


The Travelling Doula (Birth Keeper & Energy Healer) - Canberra Doula - travels and stays in various regions of ACT, NSW, & QLD to support families

For those in QLD regions and some NSW regions the packages will often include min 1-2 weeks of in-person support (sometimes longer) with visits ranging from every few days to daily during that time. Support can be provided in terms of prenatal, birth, postnatal and/or energy healing. 

Planning a Baby Services

Prenatal & Postnatal Services

Birth Support


Holistic Therapies & Intuitive Supports


“I feel so lucky to have found Lee. I knew that understanding my needs would take someone with intuition, compassion, and an open mind. I can feel awkward asking for things, Lee was so good at knowing how to be there for me in a way that made me comfortable. Sometimes what I wanted from my Doula was a friend to call who could hold that space for me. (For as long as I needed!) Lee came through every time. Having someone there who could guide me through the practicalities of planning a homebirth along with navigating the jungle of paperwork after baby was priceless. The scope of Lee’s knowledge is astounding, any questions I had I knew that she could direct me to finding the answer. Thank you, Lee!!”

Lynsay - Sydney NSW

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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not"

Dr Seuss